JOSPER. Passion for Grilling ®

What does it feel like being in front of a Josper?

Do you want to know what it’s like being in front of a Josper?
With this video, recorded using a camera in front of a cook in the Pura Brasa restaurant in Barcelona, you will see how a Josper oven at full capacity works live.

Josper – Exhibitions

Illustrative video about what Josper offers at trade shows.
From the purchase of fresh product in the early hours of the morning, to setting up the oven on the stand and tasting offered to the hundreds of visitors who pass through our space.

Josper at Alimentaria

Special report about the frantic activity on the Josper Stand at Alimentaria, Barcelona, one of the world’s most important food and drinks trade shows.

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions for a Josper Charcoal Oven.