Network of JOSPER authorized dealers

We have a network of authorized dealers and consultant chefs all over the world

JOSPER has been manufacturing for over 45 years the basis of the same product, combining tradition and the knowledge of local craftsmen with the most innovative design and production technologies, in order to obtain a product that is unique in the market.

We are currently present in over 90 countries on 5 continents and we have a network of authorized dealers who guarantee the quality of our product worldwide.

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We use the best high technology steel alloys created by and for JOSPER in the manufacturing process. This means that we can guarantee that our product can work continuously at an average temperature of between 300º (572ºF) and 350º (662ºF).

All our quality is reflected in our seals of approval (CE, ETL, GOST, TR…) and our compliance with the highest international safety, health and environmental standards.